Albatros UAV

Albatros UAV is medium range and medium endurance UAV


As a flight platform, Albatros UAV is fully adjustable to various types of missions which we used to make reliable and safe UAS for photogrammetry missions.

Empty fuselage was integrated with autopilot, photogrammetry sensor and other necessary equipment for stated missions. 

Also, Albatros UAV is used for advanced fixed wing remote pilot training.


  • MTOW 10 kg
  • Wingspan 3,3 m
  • Length 2,3 m
  • Max range 25 km
  • Max endurance 3 h
  • Ceiling 2500 m AMSL
  • Cruise speed (IAS) 19 m/s
  • Max speed (IAS) 36 m/s
  • Powerplant electrical 1,5 kW
  • Takeoff Runway takeoff
  • Landing Runway landing / Parachute (emergency)
  • Photogrammetry missions 700 ha/h